Extraction of the Quad Layout of a Triangle Mesh Guided by its Curve-Skeleton

Cover Paper on
ACM Transactions On Graphics 2015( vol. 25 issue 1)

presented at SIGGRAPH Asia 2015


Usai Francesco , Livesu Marco, Puppo Enrico, Tarini Marco, Scateni Riccardo


Starting from the triangle mesh of a digital shape, mainly an articulated object, we produce a coarse quad layout that can be used in character modeling and animation. Our quad layout follows the intrinsic object structure described by its curve skeleton; it contains few irregular vertices of low degree; it can be immediately refined into a semi-regular quad mesh; it provides a structured domain for UV-mapping and parametrization. Our method is fast, one-click and it does not require any parameter setting. The user can steer and refine the process through simple interactive tools during the construction of the quad layout.

Links and Downloads

  • Paper
  • Citation
  • Conference presentation
  • Sample Data

  • We also developed an interactive tool for editing curve-skeletons in order to make them fit our pipeline.


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