Skeleton Lab

Eurographics Italian Chapter 2015 Verona, Italy
Best Paper Award
An extended version has been published on
Elsevier's Computer&Grahpics.


Barbieri Simone, Meloni Pietro, Usai Francesco, L. Davide Spano, Scateni Riccardo


Curve-skeletons are well known shape descriptors, able to encode topological and structural information of a shape. The range of applications in which they are used comprises, to name a few, computer animation, shape matching, modelling and remeshing. Different tools for automatically extracting the curve-skeleton for a given input mesh are currently available, as well as inverse skeletonization tools, where a user-defined skeleton is taken as input in order to build a mesh that reflects the encoded structure. Although their use is broad, an automatically extracted curve-skeleton is usually not well-suited for the next pipeline step in which they will be used. We present a tool for creating, editing and repairing curve-skeletons whose aim is to allow users to obtain, within minutes, curve-skeletons that are tailored for their specific task.
The extended paper mainly contains two new contributions: a comparison between different algorithms for recentering curve-skeletons within a 3D shape and a usability study of the proposed interactive tool.


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