Francesco Usai

Developer and Researcher



Software Developer

I am a developer and researcher, with good experience in developing both prototypal/proofs of concept and production quality software solutions. I work with different technologies and I have been in charge of several projects throughout their whole lifecycle. I am strongly oriented on the teamwork and team leadership, and able to work autonomously to produce the required results meeting the time and quality goals expected. I always try to improve my skills in order to put them to good use in the service of the company, both for completing tasks and projects and for the internal know how dissemination. I have great communication skills and have worked with in multicultural environments, also from remote.
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  • Working experience

  • MoneyFarm - Scala/Akka backend developer

    I work as backend developer on MoneyFarm's architectural transition to microservices, mainly using Scala and Akka.
    MoneyFarm is a robo-advisor. It provides independent financial advice for its customers. It is one of the leading european robo-advisors and the all-time most funded italian startup.

  • Freelance Software Developer

    I mainly worked on software analysis, design and development especially for backend and mobile applications in .NET. Refer to my CV for details on the projects I have been involved.

  • University of Cagliari

    Research Assistant in Computer Graphics. My research focussed on structured representations of 3D models (especially Quad Meshes and Polar Annular Meshes).
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  • Education

  • Ph.D. Student @ University of Cagliari

    Thesis: Structured Meshes: Composition and Remeshing guided by the Curve-Skeleton
    Supervisor: Riccardo Scateni.
    Focus: How to obtain structured meshes by remeshing or composition, with the guidance of shape descriptors.

  • Master Degree @ University of Cagliari

    Grade: 110/110 cum laude.
    Thesis: Shape Matching using Curve-Skeletons
    Advisor: Riccardo Scateni.

  • Bachelor Degree @ University of Cagliari

    Grade: 110/110.
    Thesis: Windows Mobile Application for student's portfolios
    Advisor: Riccardo Scateni.



Backend development


  • Software Analysys, Modeling & Design
  • API Design
  • Teaching - Training
  • Team working & Leadership

Programming languages

  • Scala - Java
  • C# - F#
  • C++11
  • Javascript - Typescript





professional use

Spanish & French



  • Trips - Tourism
  • Good food
  • Music
  • 5-a-side football

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